These are the summarized versions of my most successful Industrial Design and UX Design school projects over the past two years.  

Full ideation processes of these projects are available upon request, or can be found at the end of their respective pages.

There is a range of physical models, high quality manual renders, and mobile UX interfaces. 



Here are a few of my personal creations.

I have developed these projects independently and for my personal use. 

Each idea was fueled by a specific need or problem that I wished to fulfill and resolve. 


Hello and welcome to my website!

I'm Claire, a 5th year in Industrial and Interactive Design at Syracuse University (5 year program). 

I'm French and American, but grew up in London, which left me with a broad multicultural background, but somewhat of a strange accent. 

My passion for design started young, but I spent years finding my aesthetic and style. It continues to grow and evolve through my studies, professional career, and personal creative exploration. 

I work hard to pursue a career in Design and Strategy, but I also have strong experience in Product Design, UX Design, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design, and Ceramics.  

 (315) 480-8388






Story boarding

Rapid Prototyping

Model making


Design Thinking

Problem solving

UX Design

Qualitative & quantitative research

Competitive assessments and research

Industry research

Competitive Skiing

Baking & cooking

Life drawing


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