Industrial Design Project

Group Ideation - Individual Deliverable

5 weeks long

Spring 2016


Can drawing inspiration from meditation help create visually calming furniture out of wood veneer?

How best to start a project than with an 8 am morning yoga session?

It was an intriguing idea that we were all excited about, but it comes as no surprise that most of the class fell asleep. 

We were to explore shapes and volumes based on how we felt during our time meditating. My partner and I decided to approach this with gestural drawings and sketches at first, followed later by cardboard models.


However, we kept hitting roadblocks in our ideation, and went back and forth multiple times between sketching and model making before we finally found an idea we both loved.  

Overcoming roadblocks 

After many failed ideas, we fell in love with a system of modular shelves with simple curves. 

There are endless possibilities to assembling these shelves together. We added versatile hangers that can be placed at any dedicated space on the shelf. They can carry anything from plants, to utensils.

While the ideation was a team effort, we built our shelves individually.

I imagined them well at a store such as IKEA, so I thought of a small handbook that would inspire users to create their favourite combination

Industrial Design Project:

Group Ideation

Individual Deliverable

5 weeks long

Spring 2016

Materials used:

Cherry wood veneer

Pine wood veneer