Industrial Design Project:


4 weeks long

Spring 2016


How might we improve the design of certain kitchen utensils so that they perform better and faster?

We were not given a problem for this project, only the parameter that the final product had to be a utensil for preparing or eating food.


I wanted to take a really creative approach to finding design opportunities, so I went out and picked the most unfamiliar fruit for me to dissect and analyse: the coconut. 

After a long investigation, many models and sketches, I came up with the Zester

The handle is large and comfortable to accommodate users over long periods of time. 

A very small hinge enables the concave half of the head to swing open and release the content of the head.

In manufacturing, the entire head would be cast together, with a living hinge as the mechanism.

Anyone who enjoys cooking can have this versatile utensil in their kitchen. It could even be used in a professional setting thanks to the Zester's time-saving qualities. 

Dual-curved head for scraping concave and convex shaped fruit

The head can zest and scrape anything from a lemon to a fresh coconut or cantaloupe.